Rustic Vintage Music Paper.Bells.Glitter Ornaments

Had a blast creating these!
They are rustic and so unique!
Round ornaments are filled with curled old music sheets...tiny rusty bells are added to each ornament as well as glitter..
they are tied with jute or string and a rusty bell as well..they do jingle..
I have added the stock so you can purchase as many as you want or a single one...just pick when you check out...If you have any questions please feel free to email me at am happy to answer any questions or make you up a specific number of ornaments..Some have plain music paper and some have vintage stained music paper..I can also do better on the price if you want me for info..Thanks!
Shipping is always free for the US only! Thanks Mary

Price: $9.75
We currently have 12 available.
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